Uses Modest's pkg-config as a fallback if we can't find MyHTML

Closes #24
parent 2e50059c
......@@ -135,7 +135,13 @@ moody_sources = [
libhandy_dep = dependency('libhandy-0.0', version: '>= 0.0.8')
libsoup_dep = dependency('libsoup-2.4')
libsecret_dep = dependency('libsecret-1')
libmyhtml_dep = dependency('myhtml', required: false)
if not libmyhtml_dep.found()
message('MyHTML isn\'t found, using Modest instead')
libmyhtml_dep = dependency('modest')
moody = executable('moody', moody_sources,
dependencies: [libhandy_dep, libsoup_dep, libsecret_dep, libmyhtml_dep],
include_directories: [root_inc, src_inc],
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