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Commit fcbb29b6 authored by Timothée Floure's avatar Timothée Floure

Add castor group and details EVA

parent cab75fe0
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......@@ -37,7 +37,8 @@ my $unipoly_projects = {
'sd' => 'Semaine de la durabilité (Sustainability week)',
'ie' => 'Ingénieurs engagés',
'journal' => 'Journal d\'Unipoly: Le Canard Huppé',
'eva' => 'EVA',
'eva' => 'EVA: Étudiants Véganes et Animalistes',
'castor' => 'Castor Freegan: cafétéria autogérée',
my $mobile_regex = '([0-9\s\-]{7,})(?:\s*(?:#|x\.?|ext\.?|extension)\s*(\d+))?$';
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