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......@@ -6,11 +6,10 @@ Documentation (*Gestion de l'instance GitLab*) : [
## Build a package for the latest version of gitlab
* Download the archive of the latest stable tag on [](
* Create a new orphan branch (created via `git checkout --orphan vX.Y.Z`), empty it (`git rm -rf .`) and extract the downloaded archive.
* Import into git: `git add .; git commit -m "Import gitlab-ce from tag vX.Y.Z"`.
* Remove the useless `.gitlab-ci.yml` file: `rm .gitlab-ci.yml; git add .gitlab-ci.yml; git commit -m "Remove .gitlab-ci.yml"`.
* Apply the changes specific to our instance: `git cherry-pick 25c4a37e87768bc5bad4cad2a4a7f38733700c8e; git cherry-pick fea80bb3faec7ed99c316c15ba17433187abe73d`.
* Push to []( `git push origin vX.Y.Z`.
* Switch to the master branch and update the `GITLAB_OMNIBUS_TAG` in ``.
* Commit and push to `origin master`. A new pipeline will be triggered automatically, you can watch it under the CI/CD tab of the sidebar.
* Import latest tag from [gitlab-ce's repository](
* Remove `.gitlab-ci.yml` configuration.
* Add dependency on the `omniauth-tequila` gem.
* Patch login page to display tequila box atop LDAP authencation form.
* Push new branch to this repository.
* Update the `GITLAB_OMNIBUS_TAG` variable in the `Makefile` on master to use the new branch.
* Wait for the CI to build the new debian package.
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