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## Room
The GNU Generation owns a room in [CM 0 415]( in which you will almost always find a member who will be happy to help you. You can even pass by weekends!
## Weekly meetings
We hold [weekly meetings]( during the semester, which take places (Autumn 2019):
- On thursday at 12h00 on even weeks.
## E-mails and address
You can contact us by e-mail at **contact (at)** or individual members of the comitee at:
* **president (at)** for the president, currently *Ulysse Widmer*.
* **vicepresident (at)** for the vice-president, currently *Timothée Floure*.
* **tresorier (at)** for the treasurer, currently *Haley Owsianko*.
* **informatique (at)** for the IT guys, currently *Joachim Desroches* and
*Timothée Floure*.
We also have a postal address:
AGEPoly - GNU Generation
P.a. AGEPoly
Case postale 16
CH-1015 Lausanne
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